Why You Should Avoid a Counterfeit 8 Watch Winder Box

8 watch winder box

Watch winder boxes belong to the very niche community of watch collectors. However, the watch winder is highly valued on the market. For this reason, a lot of companies produced counterfeit watch winders to get a profit while, at the same time, riding on the popularity of the original. While very tempting, you should avoid getting a counterfeit 8 watch winder box for several reasons.

Poor build quality

One of the primary reasons why you should avoid counterfeit automatic watch winder boxes is the poor build quality. Most original watch winder manufacturers put a lot of work into their product design. These works include choosing the right material, implementing a high-quality winder motor, and making sure that everything works. As a result, the produced watch winder is durable, works well, and is aesthetically pleasing.

But, you can’t expect the same build quality from a counterfeit 8 watch winder box. This is because counterfeit watch winders are usually massively produced. As a result, manufacturers give less attention to the overall build quality of the product. So, unless you want to get a poorly-build product, opt for original winders.

Watch damage

Most people get a watch winder box to maintain their automatic watch. Watch winders will ensure that a timepiece is ready to be worn anytime you pull it out of the winder. However, counterfeit watch winder will do the opposite to your watch.

Carelessness to the winder’s component may result in the implementation of poor-quality motors. These poorly made motors usually have a magnetic field that could damage your watch through magnetism. Magnetized watch components will stick to each other, making your beloved timepiece delayed or running too fast.

So, those are the reasons why you should avoid getting a counterfeit watch winder at all costs. Besides those two reasons, counterfeit watch winder manufacturers operate immorally by copying the design of the original winder. So, remember to get the authentic 8 watch winder box instead of the counterfeits.

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